Monday, 2 April 2012

demolished thoughts, Thurston Moore

Some press releases warned us beforehand: album produced by Beck. Some could be concerned about finding a sound jigsaw, an inextricable mixture ala Odelay, but Beck has evolved considerably. He has found new sounds. He has expressed himself in several different ways. Some of them betters than the others (let's forget Midnight Vultures, please!). But he made an album that is the key to understant this Demolished Thoughts and that is Sea Change.
Sea Change was dark, ambient, closed, asfixiating. Genious. And, following this pattern, Demolished Thoughts was born. Maybe that's why we shouldn't rush. We need to digest this album quietly, to rejoice into all its hidden corners before we can fell able to judge it.
And I sincerely hope so because the first listenings to it leaves us with cold feet, with the feeling of eating a tasteless, saltless, cold meal.

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