Thursday, 20 June 2013

The XX

And amidst the boring monotony of the post-post-modern society, of the hipsters entelechy, of thick-framed specs, skinny trousers and clonned haircuts that has transformed music into a neverending dull yawn, there are The XX. And, funny enough, they outgrow the rest by stretching to the limit what others have only dared to insinuate because they thought it was cool or trendy. The XX's melodies are slow, repetitive, for some incredibly boring and bland, but they are alive, they are real, they have been experienced.
The XX don't pretend to be victims, they don't attempt to be moderns, they do no fake to be what they are not. They simply are. And that's what makes them great.

That's why, whenever we listen to Crystallised, we stop doing whatever we were doing to pay the song our full attention. When we listen to VCR we travel back in time with them to a long forgotten place of our childhood, when we deepen into their latest work, Coexist, we dive into this sea of tranquility which is their first single, Angels. A tranquility that, nonetheless, forecasts a coming storm. But not a thunderstorm, full of noise and special effects, but an interior storm set to shake our core, whispering to us, reminding us that we are still alive, that music is still alive, that not everything is lost yet. That we still have The XX.

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